Transitional Care Management

iConsult can assist with transitioning the patient from inpatient hospitalization to their community setting.

After a hospitalization or other inpatient facility stay, the patient may be dealing with a new diagnosis, a change to medication, or an unfamiliar medical issue. iConsult can assist with providing the patient with the necessary care to help the patient transition in a safe, efficient manner.

iConsult’s TCM program can assist with reducing hospital readmission rates by providing care immediately following the patient discharge. This will prevent unnecessary readmissions with simple management of the patient.

What can you expect with iConsult’s TCM program?

  • An iConsult team member will contact patient, family member or caregiver via telephone, electronically or in person. Initial communication will be documented and include pertinent clinical information, including medication reconciliation with an appropriate provider.
  • iConsult will communicate with other healthcare providers (i.e. home health agencies, primary care provider, pharmacies) and community services the patient utilizes.
  • iConsult will coordinate care of the patient to their primary care provider.

Let iConsult support your patient’s by coordinating service during the transitional phase of their care.