For Providers


TIME: Do you ever have patient no shows in your office? If so, you could supplement your income and time
by logging into iConsult and fill in those gaps.

REIMBURSEMENT: The rate for reimbursement for performing a consult is close to Medicare rates as
if they were in your private practice clinic versus a nursing home rate, which is much less

FLEXIBILTY: iConsult offers the convenience and flexibility of you being anywhere as long as you have a
laptop with you to provide care. We also bring the patients to you. As iConsult’s business grows so does

  • Clinical Staff at facility assists patient with logging onto the tablet
  • As the Telemedicine Physician you will provide a consult via video conferencing, while being able to document in the record, utilizing a HIPAA compliant EHR. You will be able to view current labs, x-rays, or any pertinent clinical information, in order to provide the patient a thorough consultation.

As the founder and CEO of iConsult Healthcare, Dr. David Kay DO is committed to bringing the highest quality
care to you. David Kay is a board-certified physician, certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, He
completed his Fellowships in Geriatric Medicine and Palliative and Hospice at the world renown UCLA Medical
Center. His vision is to alleviate the challenges that arise with elder care by providing clinical services that are
both effective and convenient for the facilities we serve.

If you are interested in joining the iConsult Team or want more details regarding set-up reimbursement and duty hours, please contact us! Phone: 562-232-7566 | Fax: 562-478-4539